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Goodbye HP Rhetoric Class!

I have posted a couple blogs discussing the assignments of the class, how it was helpful to me, or how much of a pain in the ass the assignments were. But I don’t know if I actually posted anything on what I thought about the class, other than really enjoying it. If this seems monotonous, I’m sorry, but I got one more blog to go and what better way than to describe this class?

First, of all I am going to miss the “lively” discussions we would have in class. Mostly Isaac’s commentary or Rebecca’s obvious disdain for most of what we were reading. Also Foley for wanting as many of us to take part in the discussions, which most of us did not. Also hoping that Foley wouldn’t call on us in class to speak, I know that was me practically everyday.

Second, I am going to miss the funny facebook status postings Foley would share with us. Funny and made for an interesting intro to our class. Also the videos or other postings that Foley or someone else would share before class started. I honestly don’t know where some people come up with those videos, but they get quite a laugh. I liked the way those videos segued into our class discussions, after which no one, but Isaac and Rebecca, spoke.

Third, I am going to miss Foley’s sarcasm. I have had funny professors before. Those who tried to be funny, and those who did not realize they were being funny. Foley is definitely one of those teachers who doesn’t try to be funny, but is extremely funny with all the sarcasm. THanks Foley. And our class was filled with lots of people with the same kind of sarcasm, so it all worked well.

Last, I am going to miss the constant reminder of HP. I feel this semester I was up to my ears in HP. With being in the class and then the release of the latest movie, I feel like I was immersed in HP. Probably a little too much, but it was good to get through it.

So thanks again the Rhetoric of Harry Potter… thanks class and thanks Foley! It was a trip worthwhile! Have a good break and hopefully we’ll all see each other again… if not, keep up with your blogs! :)


In my very first semester at UT, I had to get a facebook account for my psych class. I know, no one makes anyone join facebook or continue with it. But my professors had an assignment that we had to complete and it was only available through facebook. Up until that point I had been so against getting a facebook, I was still hung up on MySpace, haha.

So I joined facebook, completed the assignment, and never really thought anything of it. It wasn’t until my friends “found me” on facebook or I started noticing the cool sides of facebook that I started using the site more and more regularly. Before I knew it, I was addicted. Facebook has become the site I spend the most time on everyday, all day, whenever I’m bored or just want something to look at. It has become my addiction.

This semester in HP class, when Foley had told us of her decision for us to start a Tumblr account, I have to admit that it wasn’t my favorite assignment. Hence the reason for all these late posts. But I have to admit that I actually do enjoy blogging. While it may not become “my addiction”, I believe this website has helped me with getting my ideas and thoughts out and in the open. I am also finding that while I used to not like blogging as much, I feel that I could continue this blog if I really wanted to… and I think I might just do that. Like several of the other aspects of this class, thanks Foley for exposing us to this website, and especially me, because while at the time I thought it was not going to be worthwhile, I have found it was extremely worthwhile.

My First Book

I remember the very first time I ever found out anything about Harry Potter. I was at a book fair at my elementary school, and I was in the fourth grade. I went traipsing through the aisles of the library trying to find the perfect book that I wanted to buy. This was a weird feeling for me because I had always been the kid who didn’t like to read books or when going to the book fair couldn’t wait to see what posters were for sale. But after going through the aisles I was sad because I hadn’t found anything. In a last attempt, I went back to the older books for one last look. That’s when I saw it… Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Yes, I know now that this was the third book in the series but at that time, I didn’t care. It wasn’t until the librarian told me that I should be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone that my decision to buy that exact book came to be. I was so excited to have the first book of the series, and I was going to read it as fast as I could to get to the other two… well long story short, my excitement ended and I didn’t pick up the Harry Potter book for two years. Funny how that happens. Well two years later, I picked the book up again and read it from front cover to last page, and didn’t stop until I was done. Once I was finished I couldn’t believe it had taken me two years to get around to reading this book!

All in all, I read four of the books, and mostly didn’t read the other ones because the movies caught up to me. I like the movies a lot and don’t quite feel like I’m missing a WHOLE lot by not reading the other books. I may get around to it sometime… when things slow down a bit, but who am I kidding, things may never slow down and I may never get around to reading the other books. But never say never…

Rhetoric… Thanks

Thinking back on all the assignments we had to complete, with the papers, speeches of Joe the Bus Driver, and analyzing the different passages Foley gave to us to read, we actually did a lot NOT relating to HP. And I think that’s what made that work seem so tedious, the fact that we weren’t sitting around discussing HP. The one thing from rhetoric that upset me the most was the discussions we had on clarity. I think because clarity was one of my biggest problemsĀ I really didn’t like going over it. While not as bad anymore, it is still something I have to be conscious of. Clarity was very annoying to me but in the end, I’m glad we spent those afternoons discussing it because it seriously benefitted my writing a great deal.

One aspect that I did enjoy from rhetoric, would have to be those persuasive speeches we wrote. While Isaac’s group with the letter to muriel was extremely funny and very to the character, I did enjoy my group’s Joe the Bus Driver speech. Not being biased, but I had great fun working it out with my group and then the delivery of the speech was just amazing, as I almost fell on the floor laughing so hard.

There were lots of aspects of rhetoric that I don’t like, and its probably because as much as rules and guidelines are very handy and in necessity, I don’t like them all the time. I find them annoying and stifling. But i have found that they are necessary and when used properly, can help create some really interesting pieces of work.

I Really Did Enjoy This Class, But…

As much as this class was entertaining (especially with Isaac’s commentary), it was also (I’m sorry to say) a bit of a pain in the ass. Not because I hated the work I had to do or the assignments Foley gave us, I actually didn’t have that much a problem with them. But it was more of a pain because of the amount of work we did, and how much time and effort was needed to get a decent grade. I will admit that I did not dedicate the time that was needed for every assignment, but I did complete every single assignment (except for reading of Everything Is An Argument) and hoped that I did well enough for a good grade. In the end, that’s what it all came down too. It doesn’t matter how much we want an A in this class, or how much we feel Foley should give us an A, what matters is the grades we got from the work we did during the semester. As much as it sucks, but if I get a C as a final grade (while it will mess with my GPA and my program), those were the grades I earned, even if I “wanted” an A. And I’m not saying that this class was a pain in the ass because of the work that was needed (I really did enjoy this class, Really I DiD!) but I think a lot of us weren’t prepared for the amount of work we had to do in order to receive a good grade.

All I’m trying to say is that I did the work, I earned the grades, and if I’m not happy with how it turns out, I should have tried harder…. Oh well, what can be done now?

Hitler -_-

So I was thinking back on that Hitler speech Foley wanted us to read… I have to admit that apart from what we read in class, I didn’t read the entire thing. But obviously, being in class that day, I read a bit and understand what an amazing rhetorician he was. Yes, he had people write the speeches for him, and he took credit for those speeches, which were responsible for people joining his cause, even though he was promoting genocide. But that’s how effective he was… it’s actually really amazing how just by speaking someone can sway an entire crowd of people into believing and acting in ways that are morally wrong. I mean he talked people into wanting to murder the Jews and called for a superior race. As evil as he was, Hitler sparked a revolution among his people, but yeah, he was pretty crazy.

I think I just find it amazing, that no matter what kind of crap someone spits out, if they spit it out well enough, people are going to listen. And if they are really good, the people listening will be persuaded without another thought. Ridiculous

"Do Not Poke Holes In My Socks!"

The title of this post came from me yelling at my cat, who at this moment is playing with my feet, and while biting them is poking little holes in my socks.

I’ve been back home for a couple days, and nothing feels better than waking up in your own bed, in your own room, and having home - cooked meals. Well at least for me, nothing is better. It had been a good 5 or 6 months since I’d been home, and I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. But there is something about being home that is bothering me… just a bit. And that is the constant reminder of TWILIGHT… ugh!

I am not a fan of Twilight, at all in fact. I really despise the series… actually correction, I despise the movies, I haven’t read the books. But mostly I despise Twilight because I feel that it is a bunch of fluff that is not worth my time. Yes, I have watched the movies and sometimes at my own pressure of wanting to give them another chance and see if maybe I was wrong…. NOPE. Nothing changed and I believe I know why. Kristen Stewart cannot act. Robert Pattinson, while a good actor in other movies he has done (Remember Me was really good) just creeps me out in the Twilight movies, and the fascination with Taylor Lautner just bugs the hell out of me. I like the supporting cast of the movies a bit more than the lead characters, but overall the movies just get a grade of suckage.

Harry Potter on the other hand… haha, like we all don’t LOVE Harry Potter, is a much better series to love. Unlike Twilight, I have actually read some of the books and watched the movies for the first time as my own decision and not the persuasion of someone else. I found the books enjoyable and entertaining. The movies, while not exactly as great as the books, have been rather full of enjoyment and have brought me some great memories in going to watch them. Getting together with my family, friends, or some random people who either joined our group for the night or sat next to us in the theater, have all been great memories. The movies are quite enjoyable as I find the cast funny, entertaining, and likable.

HP has been a great part of my life for the last ten years or so (can’t believe its been that long) and as part 2 of the seventh and final movie remains to come out, I can’t help but feel sad that it will soon be all over. But when that ends, hopefully something just as enjoyable and likable will come along and create some everlasting memories, like Harry Potter did for so many years.

And with the conclusion of this blog, my cat who was just running about the room in an energetic frenzy… has passed out next to my leg in a deep sleep.

After Taking This Class…

I have to admit, last spring when I was choosing my classes for this semester and found the rhetoric of Harry Potter, I thought this class sounded way too cool to be a real class. Now after having gone through the class (and hopefully coming out with a good grade :p) I have realized something… this class was actually better than I thought it would be. Its true that we didn’t sit around and discuss Harry Potter everyday, although we came pretty dang close to it, and we didn’t watch the movies just for the hell of it. I mean that would have been great, but how could a class just consist only of Harry Potter movies and no other real work?

Plus, the papers we wrote, while at times I felt like throwing my laptop across the room because I just didn’t have the will to write another stinkin paper about Harry Potter. But I found those papers weren’t the end of me or they didn’t take away my will to complete assignments or anything drastic like that. I actually believe those papers were worthwhile and looking back, I’m glad we had to write them. It certainly helped me understand audience (although I HATE audience now), and how to write a decent persuasive paper. I especially liked the style experiments, just because the regulations of a research paper are so stifling, i appreciated the change of pace.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this class. But maybe there should be a disclaimer or something in the class description stating “there will be no movie watching or novel reading in this class!!!”. Just so that future students know what they are getting into, and possibly go into the class with an open mind and not have a set focus of what the class is going to be out.

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